Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Thanksgiving and More!!

Hey everyone! Haha I always think I'm never going to let myself get behind on blogging, but darn college and work takes my "extra" time away! So here's what's been happening the past twoish or so weeks! : )

First, the week of Thanksgiving the weather was terrible and all my classes were canceled. We were basically trapped in our dorms for three days, ahhh! : P My parents were able to come visit us though and we had a great time! My parents brought up most of the food, but my brother and I got the pie materials and the turkey. I spent all Wednesday night baking! I made two pumpkin pies, one pecan pie, and a chocolate pie for my dad! : ) Then on Thursday we cooked all day and sat down to a great dinner. Then we went black friday shopping, and on Saturday I worked at Cold Stones and my parents left on Sunday! : ( I miss them so much, but I can't wait to see them again during Christmas break. Yay!! ^_^

Our full fridge!

Putting toppings on corn casserole.

Some of our feast! : )

Full, full, full!! : )

The pies I made.

My parents also came to see me at Cold Stones! They took pictures, ordered ice cream and shakes, and made my co workers and I sing! Ahh thanks guys! : P < 3


Last Tuesday was my last Pastry Tube art class! We made pastry cream and piped them into swans and stuck them together using pastry cream. Easy and fun! : )


During cooking on Wednesday we had a dairy and cheese day! My group made mac and cheese! Other groups made alfredo, fondue, and souffles and we also had a cheese plate with a bunch of different cheeses to try, yum!

Finally, on Thursday we made low fat cakes. My partner and I made a chiffon type cake and others made different chiffons, angel food cakes, sponge rolls, and icings and different creams. We tasted all the cakes from two weeks ago and thursdays and we also had ice cream that we made in the past! : )

These next two weeks are my finals week and my last week this year working at Cold Stone! I had my Sanitation final today and I have my practical for baking and Cooking tomorrow and Thursday. Then next week I have four more written finals! I'm busy studying!!

I will try to keep more up to date though! Pinky promise!! : )