Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm Alive, I'm Alive!

Whew busy, busy! Cheerleading state is fast approaching, so all I've been doing the past few days is practicing to get it close enough to perfect. Really since Monday all that's really happened is I've gone to school, read some food blogs, spent hours at cheerleading practice, and ate some microwavable food! XP

Later today we are preforming for a pep assembly, and then preforming again during the basketball half time shows tonight.

Only about three more weeks until I can stop being stressed about fund raising for band/choir annnd fundraising/ preforming for cheerleading!

It's all fun, just tiring.

I was even going to bake cookies last night, but I'm so fried from everything I just didn't have the energy to do so. I kinda have a sore throat now too, I hope it goes away before I have to cheer tonight!

I hope we have a bakesale this weekend, I want to bake! : )



Monday, February 22, 2010

Parties, Lazy Sundays, and nachos: Oh my!

Well I didn't make anything for my friend on Friday, because I was told she was on a diet! I was like shoooot, I don't want to tempt her, so I went on over and she tells me she is on a diet... on Monday! x0

We made homemade pizzas, which were one of the best pizzas I have ever tasted! It was so cheesy and good, but I burnt the pineapple one we also made, whoops! Oh well it's not like I like pineapple. XP After we ate our pizza we watched a few movies and then proceeded to eat large ice cream sundaes. Yes I do eat ice cream a lot. x0

Anywho, on Sunday my mom and I just had a lazy day around the house watching the Food Network and the Olympics while cleaning up the kitchen a bit. It was also pretty warm out, so we BBQ some chicken and made yellow rice. It was so tasty that for dinner tonight I had a whole plate of it with some great nachos as well! Yummy!

On another note, isn't this the cutest necklace ever? Hint, hint!! : )

Sorry I haven't really posted much food yet, been really busy. In about three weeks I will have a lot more time for a while, but hopefully I post anyway! ^_^



Friday, February 19, 2010

Darn School!

Man, I've been so busy the past two days! School, school, school! I'm also busy training for cheerleading. Our state competition is in three weeks, so we've been working very hard on that! Anywho, my friend is having her sweet sixteen birthday party tomorrow night so I have an excuse to actually bake something! Yay! Until then here's a sweet picture of a girl (me!) and her adorably evil puppy!




Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ice Cream Baby Coma!

So stuffed! I made cheater chocolate chip cookie brownies today and ate two of them with ice cream! : )

It was soooo awesome, but now I'm full and feel like I need a looong nap! Until Tomorrow then! ^_^

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wishlist of a food freak!

Happy Tuesday! Woo sorry I didn't post yesterday, but it was a stressful Monday. It was such a long day that I completely forgot about writing about anything at all! But yay for American Idol/ More Olympic Tuesdays! : P

I haven't baked anything for a while, and no I didn't do it again tonight (sorry!) Buuut, I will show off some food items I would loooove to own!

10) Photobucket
This is such a cute spatula!

9) Photobucket
I'm such an ice cream freak! : )

8) Photobucket
Penguins are my favorite animal ever! ^_^

7) Photobucket
So cute! I love the shape!

6) Photobucket
I love decorating cupcakes!

5) Photobucket
These spoons are so adorable!

4) Photobucket
The cups to go with the cute spoons!

3) Photobucket
These men are awesome! : )

2) Photobucket

1) Photobucket
Panda's are so awesome!!

I am in love with food items. ^_^

Anyway, my friends birthday party is this weekend so I know I will be baking for her, but hopefully I can do some before then, I'm just a busy bee! Talk to you all soon!



Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hola from the sugar queen. 0_0 Haha, anyway I had a great Valentines day. After being waken up at ten in the morning from a woodpecker (grr!) I spent most of the day watching the Food Network, and then flipping to the Winter Olympics! Woo chocolate AND figure skating, what a day! Then tonight we ate steak, which I usually don't like but it had this AMAZING sauce on it, which made it great! But the cherry on top of the nice love day, was the flourless chocolate cake we had. It was gooey, and covered in homemade whipped cream! I ate it with a giant smile on my face, and I didn't even think about taking a picture! x0 So, instead of seeing my valentine dinner, I think I will show the top ten food pictures of the past! Might as well show my past before I move on to give you all new stuff! : )

10. Photobucket
Here is some amazing fall goodies I made for a Thanksgiving bakesale.

9. Photobucket
Say 'hello' to chef Lizzie!

8. Photobucket
It's a sweet TV dinner! It's made out of cupcakes and candy!

7. Photobucket
I'm so cool, instead of a Halloween pumpkin, I had a Halloween watermelon! ; )

6. Photobucket
Frankenstein Lizzie? x0

5. Photobucket
Baking for a bakesale with my great friends M and A! : )

4. Photobucket
We serve food under pressure, while showing we're peaceful about it! XP

3. Photobucket
Gingerbread man lost his foot!

2. Photobucket
Corn on the cob, made from cupcakes and candy!

1. Photobucket
I am the ice cream queen!

Well there we go, some wonderful pictures of my food past. I can't wait to post more as soon as possible!



Phew, I made a blog!

Hey everyone! I finally sat down and created a blog. I have been obsessed with food blogs for a few months, basically ever since I heard of a little movie called "Julie and Julia." All I seem to do is look up other peoples blogs and wish I had one of my own, so now I do! I will be showing off my baking, and also just talk about random tidbits in my life like being a cheerleader and trying not to eat ice cream sundaes everyday of my life! I will take pictures, talk all about myself, and just have fun overall! I would start now, but it's been a long day. First, I had to wake up at nine (nine on a SATURDAY! 'Le gasp!) ; ) Thhhen, I had to work at a garage sale when I could have been sleeping! (Did I mention nine on a SATURDAY?!) And to top it all off, my computer is trying to die on me! I backed up everything I could, but it could die on my any minute *pauses* I better save this entry and go to bed before anything bad happens! I know no one is reading this yet, but just to let you know, I love you all and the real blogging with start later today with some Valentine goodies!

~ Love,