Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stars, steak, and cakes! : )

Hey everyone!! : )

So recaps, recaps!

On Tuesday, during Pastry Tube Art, we had our midterm by showing off how we could make stars, rosettes, zig zags, and more. I think I have improved a lot! : )

On Wednesday we made steak, sauce, risotto, and sauted veggies. I don't eat steak, so two other girls and myself cut one into three parts so we all three wouldn't waste a whole steak in the end! The cooking is the same, it just takes less to to brown in the pan in the beginning!

Yummmy, brown! x0

On Thursday we made high fat cakes! I made a high ratio yellow cake, and a creaming method chocolate cake! We also made some crepes that we filled half with nutella, and half with a savory meat mixture.They were easy, and straight forward. We had a yummy ice cream and cake party afterwards and I was full, full, full! : )

Yellow cake!

Chocolate cake!

Friday and Saturday were full of Cold Stone working! I worked till midnight on Friday, but I love my job so I didn't really mind! : )

Finally today, I had some awesome Pad Thai with my brother, and am again: full, full, full!

I can't wait for Thanksgiving this week! I'm going to try and bake some pies, and my parents are coming up to visit so It's going to be a lot of fun!

Love you all, and tell my about your Thanksgiving!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Cream Puffs, Bazaars, Brownie cookies, Fish, and ice cream? x0

Hello everyone!

Recaps, recaps! Haha photobucket has been mean to me the past few days and didn't want to upload pictures, but really I just forgot to take a lot of them, but I will bring us up to date with words! x0

So two Thursdays ago in baking class we made a ton of cream puffs for this event we were putting on. We made savory ones and sweet ones, but I'm just not really a fan of them either way. x0

Then on that Sunday we had a Holiday bazaar at the campus. Our culinary club had a table and I had to support them by buying, and trying to eat this giant moose cupcake!


It was a twinkie dipped in chocolate over a cupcake that was frosted. The ears were made of tootsie rolls, and the antlers were pipped chocolate (remember I did those a few weeks ago in Pastry Tube art? ^ _^ ) and the eyes were m&ms! So much sugar! x0

On Tuesday for Pastry Tube art we made chocolate butter cookies, and gingersnaps, again! We were supposed to make snickerdoodles but the chef didn't have a recipe, and didn't want to look for one, so we resorted to gingersnaps. I think they tasted better this time around though! The chocolate butter cookies were amazing too, they tasted like a warm, gooey brownie to me!: )

On Wednesday our main chef was sick so the next chef in line took his place to teach the class. We learned how to cook fish in different ways, grill shrimp, and saute and simmer broccoli!


Looks good huh? : P

Finally this past Thursday we made ice cream and ice cream sauces!! I made vanilla bean ice cream, and it was pretty amazing in my opinion! I also made dark chocolate sauce, but I didn't really like it because I had to put in orange extract, and I'm not a fan of orange and chocolate together. Other teams made pumpkin ice cream, and caramel ice cream and caramel, strawberry, and milk chocolate sauce. It was a tasty day!

I've also had some good Chinese food, sneaks of ice cream at Cold Stones, a pint of Ben and Jerry's, and some good coffee among many other things these past 12 days since I last blogged!

I will try and keep more up to date! I will, I will! : )


Lizzie! : )

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Deviled Eggs and Fried chicken!

Yay for recaps!

Haha in my Pastry Tube art class this Tuesday night we made deviled eggs!



Haha they were fun to make! We cracked a bunch of eggs, removed the shells, cut them in half, removed the yolk, cleaned out all the yolk, and then made the inside with the egg yolks mixed with mayonnaise, lemon juice, and Tabasco sauce! Then we pipped the mixture into the eggs!

Then today in my cooking class we all pan-fried chicken, made pan gravy, sauted spinach, and made mashed potatoes. My chicken was spiced with just salt and pepper, but my spinach and potatoes were amazing! I am my moms daughter, and I added dill to both of them, and it was so tasty! I had garlic, onion powder, and dill in the mashed potatoes, and with the spinach I added sauted onions and carrots with a salt and pepper mix and a chili powder and dill mix! Sooo good!

My plate!

Just got done doing a lot of homework! Baking class tomorrow and Coldstone work this weekend, can't wait! See you guys soon!!


Lizzie! : )

Oreo Brownies and Cookies!

Happy November!

I was bored the first day of the month, so I decided to bake! I wanted oreos, and peanut butter, and chocolate, so I made peanut butter chocolate oreo brownies and giant chocolate oreo cookies! : )

I found the brownie recipe here:

Brownie Ingredients!

Hmmm chocolate and butter! : )

Yay for brownie batter! ^_^

Oooh baked brownies! : )

Look how awesome it looks! : P

I also made cookies and I got the recipe from here!:

Oooh giant, tasty cookies!

Yay for giant cookies!! ^_^

I made so much stuff and it smelled so good that I had about twenty random people coming in asking if they could have some! : ) Baking is awesome!!