Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stars, steak, and cakes! : )

Hey everyone!! : )

So recaps, recaps!

On Tuesday, during Pastry Tube Art, we had our midterm by showing off how we could make stars, rosettes, zig zags, and more. I think I have improved a lot! : )

On Wednesday we made steak, sauce, risotto, and sauted veggies. I don't eat steak, so two other girls and myself cut one into three parts so we all three wouldn't waste a whole steak in the end! The cooking is the same, it just takes less to to brown in the pan in the beginning!

Yummmy, brown! x0

On Thursday we made high fat cakes! I made a high ratio yellow cake, and a creaming method chocolate cake! We also made some crepes that we filled half with nutella, and half with a savory meat mixture.They were easy, and straight forward. We had a yummy ice cream and cake party afterwards and I was full, full, full! : )

Yellow cake!

Chocolate cake!

Friday and Saturday were full of Cold Stone working! I worked till midnight on Friday, but I love my job so I didn't really mind! : )

Finally today, I had some awesome Pad Thai with my brother, and am again: full, full, full!

I can't wait for Thanksgiving this week! I'm going to try and bake some pies, and my parents are coming up to visit so It's going to be a lot of fun!

Love you all, and tell my about your Thanksgiving!


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