Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cinnamon rolls and pies!

Hollla! : )

Well tonight my mum finally gave in and decided to make a chicken pizza! My friends and I have been making them a lot the last few months, and my mom always thought they sounded good so tonight she looked up how to make one and we created an almost masterpiece! It was a little burnt at the bottom, but the top was cheesy, and just right!

After dinner I went over to my friends house and we made cinnamon rolls, apple pie, and cheesecake pie with a chocolate and honey graham cracker crust! Yummy! We never really follow the recipes, but we have a good time creating our...creations! x0

Now it's time to read some blogs and then get ready for bed. TGIF!! ^_^



Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baking, baking!

I'm here, I swear, I swear! 

Haha I haven't really been all that busy, I've just been lurking around other baking blogs instead of updating my own. x0 I made a coffee cake for my best friends sweet sixteen on Sunday. I tested a piece of it, you know to make sure it wasn't gross or anything, and gosh it is the best coffee cake ever, I could eat it every meal of the day and never get tired of it! XP It taste really good for breakfast just to tell everyone. ; ) 

Then last night I made some simple chocolate brownies for my friend because he is always helping me out and instead of letting me pay him he likes baked goods, so I'm happy to oblige! 
: ) 

Now all I need to do is actually have my camera out and document that I really do bake. x0 

Love you allllll! 


Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekends, huzzah!


So I had a pretty mellow week I suppose. Nothing much happened until Thursday night when we had a movie night at my friends house. We all made food and brought it over. I made chocolate covered bananas, woo that is the only way I want to eat a banana now. x0 Haha I also had a bite of chocolate pizza, two pecan rolls, some pizza bites, and some spicy pickle chips. We watched the Squeakwal and Zombieland. Ahh Zombieland is like my new favorite movie evvver! ^_^

Yesterday night was fun, but so was tonight! One of my best friends got elected school Rep, so we went out to eat to celebrate! I had chicken chop suey, and it was yummmy! I was so full but when we returned to his house after stuffing our faces we shared 3 containers of ice cream with seven people. I must have eaten at least one to myself, so full now but it was worth it. ; )

I love friends and food, in the words of my music teacher: It's the best!! : P

I hope tomorrow is fun as well!



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Back a champion!

I'm baccccck! 

Hey guys! I had a really nice music trip, but I'm glad to be back. We went in on Thursday and came back Sunday morning. My classmates and I entered a lot of group, duet, and solos and the whole choir and band has made it one way or another to go to music state! I'm so happy and proud of everyone!! 

I was so tired on Sunday, and really busy yesterday so I finally now was able to post, I missed blog world! x0 

Ahh I never took a picture of those oatmeal cookies, but they were soooo good! I also baked some peanut butter cookies last Wednesday before I left but ahh yeah we will leave it at that, they were not one of my finest creations. : P 

I really want to bake! Ahh it's been almost a week, eeeeek! x0 I will do it as soon as life becomes less hectic trying to end my senior year and get ready for culinary school in the fall! 

Thanks for putting up with my crazy schedule! : ) 



Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Music trip!

I will be at music regions from Thursday until Sunday without a computer so I will be bake blogging as soon as I can!

Wish us luck!! : )



Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Curly Haired Lizzie!

Woo I was featured on another blog! I read this blog for about two and  half months and noticed she does a section on curly headed people. She was running out of people to feature, so I finally filled out the form and sent it to her, and she picked me! 

I love her blog, and if you're reading this and you are a curly head, go enter to be featured on her blog! Gooo! Go! : )

I'm at the bottom of the post. ^_^ Woo! X0



Monday, April 12, 2010

Bad Lizzie!

Blah what a busy week I had! I baked oatmeal cookies on Monday and then since then I've just been swamped in school work/ getting ready for college! I had some interviews and filled out half a dozen scholarship applications! 

Now, this week I am getting ready for band/choir regions! Practice, practice, practice! I am going to be away from a computer from Thursday- Sunday morning, ahh! I will try to maybe bake today or tomorrow, but since I'm trying to get ready to go I can't make any promises! Haha.

Woo only six more weeks until I graduate, huzzah for a nice long summer! ^_^

Talk to you soon!



P.S. I ate all the oatmeal cookies/ gave them away and never took a picture, whoops! I will have to bake them again so I can share them with you! : ) 

Monday, April 05, 2010

Oatmeal cookie Mondays!

Happy late Easter everyone!

I hope you all had a good day. I woke up and saw the Easter bunny had given me a new shirt, a cupcake book, and some candy. I had a lazy day but for dinner we had turkey, mashed potatoes, and rolls. Yummmmy! I also had some amazing ice cream sundaes this weekend, yay for ice cream! : )

Anywho today I really felt like baking, so I made some of my families oatmeal cookies. I kinda burned some of them, but half of them turned out nicely! I will post pictures probably tomorrow, for I am too lazy to go and get my camera right now. ; )

I hope everyone has a nice week!



Thursday, April 01, 2010

Happy April!

One last post tonight!


She wishes you a very happy April! : P

And so do I!


Lizzie. ^_^

Puddle cookies and Easter treats!

So I really wanted to bake Wednesday night, and I had been searching around allll day, when I found an interesting recipe: gluten free puddle cookies. The picture looked delicious, so I made them!


They reminded me of a gooey brownie. Tasty, rich, and chocolaty!

Here is the recipe if you want to make them!

Thanks for posting these great cookies, I loved making (and eating) them! : )

Allllso I really wanted to bake something for my friends for Easter, so tonight I baked so cupcakes! I frosted them with chocolate frosting, added tinted green coconut to them, and topped them with jellybeans! Yep eggs in a nest!

I can't wait to share them with everyone tomorrow!

Anyway, yay for the weekend! I hope I do something fun this Easter weekend, I will post it if I do!



Choir bakesale pictures and last weeks movie party!

Whew sorry I've it's been a while for an update! I've been super busy keeping up with school and scholarships! I just finished one that is due this Monday, so I've been running around all week working on it to send it in on time! I'm still super busy with school/college planning, but I will try to update more even so! : )

Here are the pictures of the items I baked for the bakesale last Saturday. We made the 150 dollars for our uniforms, and were able to pocket 43 dollars extra! My friends made banana bread, regular bread, cinnamon rolls, and fry bread! We worked really hard and look great in our uniforms! Thanks to everyone who bought things and made it possible! < 3

Mini cupcakes with mint, coconut, or cherry Hershey Kisses on top.

Peanut butter cookies with Butterfingers in the middle

And finally my M&M cookies!!

Last Friday I also hung out with a bunch of friends at my house. We watched The Goonies, and then New Moon. Ahh Jacob we love when you're not wearing a shirt! I'm sure we screamed so many time, I'm so proud of all the guys who didn't leave the party, you guys are saints. X0

I made a coffee cake for the party

It was so gooey and delicious that I had it for breakfast both Saturday and Sunday!

My friend also made fudge for the party because I practically begged him for days. : P

That's the recap of last weekend, thanks for being patient with me!!