Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baking, baking!

I'm here, I swear, I swear! 

Haha I haven't really been all that busy, I've just been lurking around other baking blogs instead of updating my own. x0 I made a coffee cake for my best friends sweet sixteen on Sunday. I tested a piece of it, you know to make sure it wasn't gross or anything, and gosh it is the best coffee cake ever, I could eat it every meal of the day and never get tired of it! XP It taste really good for breakfast just to tell everyone. ; ) 

Then last night I made some simple chocolate brownies for my friend because he is always helping me out and instead of letting me pay him he likes baked goods, so I'm happy to oblige! 
: ) 

Now all I need to do is actually have my camera out and document that I really do bake. x0 

Love you allllll! 


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