Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekends, huzzah!


So I had a pretty mellow week I suppose. Nothing much happened until Thursday night when we had a movie night at my friends house. We all made food and brought it over. I made chocolate covered bananas, woo that is the only way I want to eat a banana now. x0 Haha I also had a bite of chocolate pizza, two pecan rolls, some pizza bites, and some spicy pickle chips. We watched the Squeakwal and Zombieland. Ahh Zombieland is like my new favorite movie evvver! ^_^

Yesterday night was fun, but so was tonight! One of my best friends got elected school Rep, so we went out to eat to celebrate! I had chicken chop suey, and it was yummmy! I was so full but when we returned to his house after stuffing our faces we shared 3 containers of ice cream with seven people. I must have eaten at least one to myself, so full now but it was worth it. ; )

I love friends and food, in the words of my music teacher: It's the best!! : P

I hope tomorrow is fun as well!



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