Monday, May 31, 2010


Woo hey everyone! I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long, I've been reallllly busy!

I am now a high school graduate! Yay! I graduated on Friday night and then had a graduation party. All my friends came and it was great. We just hung out and ate some AMAZING pie! ; ) (Thanks mom! ). Then on Saturday I went to my friends Graduation party where we just played DDR and spent time together for a few hours before we went and roasted marshmallows on the beach. On Sunday my mom made us all blueberry pancakes and I had some more pie AND ice cream! Haha.

I haven't really baked much in a while except a cake for my mom to take to her birthday buddy at work, but now that I am out of school and it's the summer I will have more time! My parents got me a great looking cookbook for my graduation and my brother really wanted me to make Smore Brownies, so hopefully I will be baking soon!

Thanks for anyone who stops by!!



Thursday, May 20, 2010

Busy, busy, busy week!

Woo what a week! This has been my last week of high school!

Here's a quick recap of my week. First, on Monday my brother came home from college for the summer, yay! Then on Tuesday our school had the academic awards. I got some awards for English, math, advanced bio, music, and I even got some scholarships for college! Then, on Wednesday night I went to the athletic awards where I got a letter in cheerleading and got two cheerleading awards! Finally tonight (Thursday) we had our final band concert! I can't believe I am done with music, I hope I can join something in college! : )

Tomorrow is my last day of high school! One more day after 13 years, woo! Then I have a whole week off before I graduate on the 28th! I'm so excited for it! And now, I will actually have some time to bake, haha.

Love you all!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Senior!! : )

Oh my gosh, this is my last week of high school! ^_^

Only one more week of work until I'm free. *study for finals* Ahhh! I can't believe I am almost done! 13 years oh this and now I get to go to culinary school, I'm sooo excited! 

I should bake something tonight, haha! : P 

Talk to you soon! 



Thursday, May 13, 2010

Plain ole chocolate chip cookies... again!

Yep, I made plain chocolate chip cookies again. I am applying for scholarships and I needed a reference letter so I "bribed" the person by telling them I would make them cookies when I was done! : ) No surprise, all they wanted was plain, ole chocolate chip cookies, so I went to the pantry to get the ingredients to make them. To my surprise though, we were out of brown sugar, chocolate chips, and butter, and we only had a few eggs as well. I told my parents I would just make them on Wednesday night instead (oh yeah I made these Tuesday night, haha I procrastinate with my blog sometimes. xo ) but my dad put on his coat and went out to get me the supplies I need. He not only got one of each thing, but he got a lot of extras as well so I could make more cookies for him. Nice one dad! : P Well anywho I made them and I had to test them with a giant bowl of ice cream (of course!) 

Woo exciting, exciting! Speaking of exciting, I only have one more week of high school after this week! Annnd, prom is this Saturday, wooot! Can't wait for fun to come! 

Love you all! 


Monday, May 10, 2010

Music trip continued!

Hey again! Whew sorry for the long time, no see. The hotels internet suddenly hated my computer on Friday night, so I just now was able to come back on (I'm home!) So, let's continue on from Friday! 

First, we all woke up at like six on Friday to go and practice, and preform for the judges at Anchorages college. We were there from about 8 until noon practicing and preforming, then we took a break and went to lunch. After lunch we came back and practiced and preformed until about four. When all that was over, my friends mom took six of my best friends and I out to eat. We had chips and dip, breadsticks, salad, and two kinds of pizza. I was sooo stuffed, but it was great! After we were all in a food like coma state, she took us to Walmart really fast, and then we returned to our hotels to relax. 

On Saturday, we had no where to go until 5 PM, so we slept into about 9:30. At around 10:30 we all dressed up in our uniforms and took pictures posed in front of the college. Then, we went to Kohls, and some stores around there. After that we all went to Pizza Hut, where I again stuffed myself full of pizza! Yuuum! When we were all nice and plump (again!), we went to the mall and ice skated for about an hour, then it was time to watch the best of the best students. We watched them preform everything from flute solos to jazz choir routines for three hours. After that, we went to Fred Meyer to get our moms Mothers Day presents, and then we had a late dinner at Mickey Ds, yay for ice cream! 
: ) 

On Sunday, we woke up early and packed up all our stuff to return home! We were delayed because of weather for about two hours, but we finally made it home, but unfortunately my bag didn't make it! : ( I'm glad to be home though! 

I had a great time, but now I can finish up high school, and I have time to bake again, yay! 

Can't wait to talk to you all again! 



Friday, May 07, 2010

Fun, Fun, Fun!

... Till her daddy took the T-bird away? ; )

Haha hola from Anchorage! We have been here since Wednesday afternoon, and I'm soooo tired! On Wednesday we got our car and piled 12 kids, all our suitcases, and two adults into a van! We were so squished, but eventually we made it to our hotel and unpacked, whew! Then that night we went to the mall for two hours, went to Walmart for an hour, ate some Taco Bell, and went to the movies (I watched Date Night!) Then we returned to the hotel and crashed!

Thursday was just as fun, or maybe even more fun than Wednesday, I went with my friends mom, and four of my friends from about 10 in the morning 'till 10 at night! We went to a different mall then the one we went to on Wednesday, ate at the food court, left the mall and went to the mall we had gone to on Wednesday, left that mall and went to target and Fred Meyers, went back to the mall we had just left and ate dinner, and then watched a movie (The Last Song!) After our shopping filled day, we returned to the hotel and swam in the pool and then just hung out until like one.

This is a music trip though, so as we speak I am waiting for everyone to be ready to go so we can go practice for our judging! We will be practicing and being judge all throughout the day today and tomorrow, so I hope we do good!

I will recap as soon as I have time!



Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Music State!

Just to let everyone know, my music group (band and choir) made it to state! That means all 12 of us get to go to Anchorage to compete to be the best in all of Alaska! I'm so excited!! : ) 

We will be gone from Wednesday through Sunday. I will probably have time to go on the computer, but I wont be able to bake anything until I get back! 

Wish us luck, and I can't wait to bake again! 



Chocolate Chip Cookies, Plain and simple!

Goood morning! (yay more brother does read my blog, happy, happy!) x0

Annnywho, last night I was soooo bored, and wanted to bake. I wanted to make oatmeal cookies, but I asked my mom what she wanted. She thought for a while, and then said she really wanted a simple chocolate chip cookie. I asked if she wanted oatmeal, but she said no, she simply wanted a CC cookie. Usually I don't like making boring, plain cookies. I like adding tons of things to them, I never make plain brownies either, but since my mom wanted them, I made them. 

All you need is the back of a chocolate chip bag (well and the ingredients as well. x0) And you will too will have about two and a half dozen cookies (or more if you actually make them smaller, I like big cookies! : P ) 

Yum nothing better than a warm cookie with some ice cream. <>

Love you mom, and thanks for making me slow down and be simple once in a while! ^_^



Monday, May 03, 2010

Happy May and Birthday!

Happy May everyone, annnnd happy 21st B-day to my awesome brother! I don't know if you actually read my blog (even though you said you would!) but if you do I want to wish you a great 21st B-day! I love and miss you and can't wait to see you in about two weeks! Have an awesome day and don't do anything stupid!! 


You're annoying little sister:

Lizzie! x0