Monday, May 10, 2010

Music trip continued!

Hey again! Whew sorry for the long time, no see. The hotels internet suddenly hated my computer on Friday night, so I just now was able to come back on (I'm home!) So, let's continue on from Friday! 

First, we all woke up at like six on Friday to go and practice, and preform for the judges at Anchorages college. We were there from about 8 until noon practicing and preforming, then we took a break and went to lunch. After lunch we came back and practiced and preformed until about four. When all that was over, my friends mom took six of my best friends and I out to eat. We had chips and dip, breadsticks, salad, and two kinds of pizza. I was sooo stuffed, but it was great! After we were all in a food like coma state, she took us to Walmart really fast, and then we returned to our hotels to relax. 

On Saturday, we had no where to go until 5 PM, so we slept into about 9:30. At around 10:30 we all dressed up in our uniforms and took pictures posed in front of the college. Then, we went to Kohls, and some stores around there. After that we all went to Pizza Hut, where I again stuffed myself full of pizza! Yuuum! When we were all nice and plump (again!), we went to the mall and ice skated for about an hour, then it was time to watch the best of the best students. We watched them preform everything from flute solos to jazz choir routines for three hours. After that, we went to Fred Meyer to get our moms Mothers Day presents, and then we had a late dinner at Mickey Ds, yay for ice cream! 
: ) 

On Sunday, we woke up early and packed up all our stuff to return home! We were delayed because of weather for about two hours, but we finally made it home, but unfortunately my bag didn't make it! : ( I'm glad to be home though! 

I had a great time, but now I can finish up high school, and I have time to bake again, yay! 

Can't wait to talk to you all again! 



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