Friday, May 07, 2010

Fun, Fun, Fun!

... Till her daddy took the T-bird away? ; )

Haha hola from Anchorage! We have been here since Wednesday afternoon, and I'm soooo tired! On Wednesday we got our car and piled 12 kids, all our suitcases, and two adults into a van! We were so squished, but eventually we made it to our hotel and unpacked, whew! Then that night we went to the mall for two hours, went to Walmart for an hour, ate some Taco Bell, and went to the movies (I watched Date Night!) Then we returned to the hotel and crashed!

Thursday was just as fun, or maybe even more fun than Wednesday, I went with my friends mom, and four of my friends from about 10 in the morning 'till 10 at night! We went to a different mall then the one we went to on Wednesday, ate at the food court, left the mall and went to the mall we had gone to on Wednesday, left that mall and went to target and Fred Meyers, went back to the mall we had just left and ate dinner, and then watched a movie (The Last Song!) After our shopping filled day, we returned to the hotel and swam in the pool and then just hung out until like one.

This is a music trip though, so as we speak I am waiting for everyone to be ready to go so we can go practice for our judging! We will be practicing and being judge all throughout the day today and tomorrow, so I hope we do good!

I will recap as soon as I have time!



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