Thursday, May 20, 2010

Busy, busy, busy week!

Woo what a week! This has been my last week of high school!

Here's a quick recap of my week. First, on Monday my brother came home from college for the summer, yay! Then on Tuesday our school had the academic awards. I got some awards for English, math, advanced bio, music, and I even got some scholarships for college! Then, on Wednesday night I went to the athletic awards where I got a letter in cheerleading and got two cheerleading awards! Finally tonight (Thursday) we had our final band concert! I can't believe I am done with music, I hope I can join something in college! : )

Tomorrow is my last day of high school! One more day after 13 years, woo! Then I have a whole week off before I graduate on the 28th! I'm so excited for it! And now, I will actually have some time to bake, haha.

Love you all!


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