Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another bakesale, oh my!

Woo just got done baking for four hours! Today my choir class were bought uniforms, but we learned we have to pay the school back. Instead of paying about 50 dollars each, we are going to have a bakesale to try and earn the money! I made 2 dozen M&M cookies, 2 dozen peanut butter cookies, and 5 dozen vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting. I hope the other girls made some good stuff too so we can make all the money we need and maybe even some extra! : )

I also baked an amazing coffee cake today! Tomorrow I am having a hang out with all my best friends. We are going to make... NACHOS! Haha nope no pizza for us this week, we are broadening our horizons and making something different. We are also going to watch some movies and finally eat some coffee cake that will hopefully make Starbucks jealous! ; )

I may take some pictures of the bakesale stuff and the party food if I'm not lazy, so stay tuned!
: P



Sunday, March 21, 2010

Looong week!

Meh such a long week! Nothing much really happened though, haha. x0

I just worked on school work all week and then on Friday night my friends and I had another pizza night. We made onion and cheese pizza with cheese stuffed crust, and hickory BBQ chicken pizza. Oh my goooosh they were good! I had two pieces of each and then sat in a food coma for the rest of the night! ; ) I love our pizza/movies hang outs, they are the best!

On Saturday I helped serve food for a auction that was going on, and finally today I made some delicious brownies. They were box mix for the bottom and then had a layer of cream cheese with sugar and crushed cookies on top. They were so easy but delicious! I had two of them and a bowl of ice cream for dessert, yay for dessert!

I hope next week is full of more exciting news so I can update more!



Monday, March 15, 2010

I love her!

Random, but I love my dog. Isn't she cuuuute? : )


Had to share! ^_^

Pizza Party and brownie cookies!

Yum yum, here are the pictures from the pizza party my friends and I had last Tuesday! (better late than never! ; P )

Making the dough!

She makes the greatest homemade dough!

The awesome sauce for the pizza

Opening the can!

We made two pizzas, here is the double cheese one!

Chicken for our chicken BBQ pizza.

BBQ chicken pizza, yum!

He's so excited for pizza!

Four people, four slices each. Yep it was that good! : )

Soooo full! ^_^

It was a great day full of cheesy goodness, ahhh bliss!

Annnd now, here are the awesome cookies I made last night! I know it's lame, but I took a brownie mix to make the cookies. I could of made my own brownies, but it was getting late and I wanted baked goods now! They are so simple to make though. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees, and then take your favorite brownie mix, add one stick of softened butter, one egg, and any kind of chocolate chips you want, roll the dough into small (or large) balls, and the bake it for about 13 minutes. They are warm and gooey and taste half like a cookie and half like a brownie, awesome!

One tasty cookie!

Two cookies of doom!

Three cookies, yum!

Heaven! Warm brownie cookies smothered in ice cream!

Tasty, tasty days!


Lizzie! ^_^

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ah, almost a week!

So sorry I've been gone! I had Spring Break this past week so it was full of lazy days with friends and family. On Thursday I wanted ice cream sooo bad that I ate pistachio again! Bleeeck it was horrible, I don't know how I finished the bowl, I love ice cream too much. x0

On Friday I left for cheer state. We got to eat some fast food and shopped a little, but mostly we spent the time practicing our routine over and over. Then on Saturday, we spent all day at the cheer school watching all the other 31 teams, and we preformed a five "man" stunt group and then our dance/cheer routine. We didn't win any medals, but we did pretty good for a team that's never competed before! I'm proud of my team! ^_^

I just got back this morning and am sooo tired, but I think I am going to bake tonight, so I will post my pizza party pictures from earlier this week and whatever yummy goods I decided to create tonight.



Monday, March 08, 2010

Ice cream and cheesecake.

Eeeeh I had pistachio ice cream today, bleck! I love pistachios, but I had one spoonful of that ice cream and I couldn't eat anymore. It was sooo weird tasting, I can't even describe it! Haha so instead I had a giant slice of carrot cake cheesecake and a slice of my smore cheesecake with a bit of toffee bar on the side! I'm sooo full, but cheesecake has beaten ice cream today! Le gasp!

Tomorrow I am making pizza at my friends house, so stay tuned for yummy pics! ^_^



Sunday, March 07, 2010


Woo what a weekend! So yesterday I spent all day baking a cheesecake, toffee bars, and mint cookies for our towns annual bake off. I didn't win any ribbons, but I got third place for peoples choice for my toffee bars, which made me really happy! My mom was a big winner though! She got one first place ribbon, one second place ribbon, and two third place ribbons. Annnd, she also won best in show and won first and second in peoples choice award! I look up to my mom so much and hope I can do just as good as she does one day! < href="" target="_blank">Photobucket
Here are my "Triple Chocolate Toffee Bars" they won third place from the peoples choice award. Yay thank you everyone!

These are my famous signature mint cookies. Everyone wants the recipe, but I'm not going to give them out... yet! "Better Than Thin Mint Cookies" : )

"Don't You Want Smore Cheesecake?" It tasted soooo good if I don't say so myself! The crust was kinda tough though, so I will improve it and make it greater!

Cheesecake that is on its way to being devoured! ^_^

Finally, here is my mom and I with all our ribbons!

It was a fun bakeoff, and probably my last one for a while for I will be at college next year, but I will keep searching for great recipes to enter whenever I will be back to enter! : )



Friday, March 05, 2010

Fund Raising Machine!

Woo hey everyone! It's been a busy, busy week! Since I baked on Monday, I also baked peanut butter blossom cookies on Tuesday night, and peanut butter chocolate blossom cookies and chocolate chip cookies on Wednesday night. We had bakesales and I was able to sell them all, yay! I've also been working at bingo, I was in a parade for our towns festival, I preformed in a talent show last night, and I just got done working five hours at a pancake breakfast! In a week we have made so much money for cheerleading and the music program, I'm so happy! Haha happy, but tiiiiired!

We have been working really hard cheering, and since I worked THREE HOURS in a row working on math homework, I hope our girls or boys basketball make it to state! We only need a little more money for cheerleading, so tonight I am working at a carnival for both cheerleading and music, and then on Sunday we are having a raffle drawn for cheerleading.

Oh! But since our towns annual Beaver Round Up Festival is going on right now, my mom and I are going to enter the bake off competition like always. It is on Sunday morning, so tomorrow we are going to buy our supplies and bake away! I am thinking of baking two of my favorite recipes, and then trying out a new one that looked good. I will show you all tomorrow when I am finished with fund raising for the most part!

Loooove you


Monday, March 01, 2010


I called my dog and got her to actually look at the camera! Isn't she adorable?!


She is the cutest, but sadly, not as cute as this!


Night everyone!

Lovvvve ya!


Sick, but yay for M&M Crunchy Cookies! : )

Whew what a tiring few days! On Friday and Saturday I cheered my little butt off at the basketball games, and was soooooo sick! I had the worst cold ever! I was freezing and weak feeling, but I put on a smile anyway and cheered like nothing was wrong. Then on Sunday morning I woke up feeling pretty awful, but my mom made chicken soup, which is totally like a medicine! After two big bowls of that soup plus some yummy buttery corn bread, I was feeling pretty good.

I still don't feel great, but I think a day or two more and I will be back to normal! : )

So FINALLY, I baked something, yaaaaay! Cheerleading is fund raising like crazy to get to state to compete, so we are trying to have as many bakesales as possible before we go! Here are some amazing M&M Crunchy Cookies!

(Raw dough)

You will need:

~ 1 and 1/4 cups flour
~ 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
~ 1/2 teaspoon salt
~ 1/2 cup softened butter
~ 1 cup sugar
~ 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
~ 1 egg
~ 2 cups Rice Krispies Cereal
~ 1 cup M&Ms


~ In a medium bowl mix together the butter, sugar, and vanilla until smooth. Next, mix in the egg.

~ Slowly mix in the flour, baking soda, and salt.

~ Stir in the Rice Krispies and the M&Ms

~ Drop spoonful balls onto a non stick cookie sheet, and bake for about 15 minutes.

~ Cool and enjoy! : )


These are the best M&M cookies in my opinion! Have a nice night and I hope I recover soon! Maybe I need another cookie! : P