Friday, March 05, 2010

Fund Raising Machine!

Woo hey everyone! It's been a busy, busy week! Since I baked on Monday, I also baked peanut butter blossom cookies on Tuesday night, and peanut butter chocolate blossom cookies and chocolate chip cookies on Wednesday night. We had bakesales and I was able to sell them all, yay! I've also been working at bingo, I was in a parade for our towns festival, I preformed in a talent show last night, and I just got done working five hours at a pancake breakfast! In a week we have made so much money for cheerleading and the music program, I'm so happy! Haha happy, but tiiiiired!

We have been working really hard cheering, and since I worked THREE HOURS in a row working on math homework, I hope our girls or boys basketball make it to state! We only need a little more money for cheerleading, so tonight I am working at a carnival for both cheerleading and music, and then on Sunday we are having a raffle drawn for cheerleading.

Oh! But since our towns annual Beaver Round Up Festival is going on right now, my mom and I are going to enter the bake off competition like always. It is on Sunday morning, so tomorrow we are going to buy our supplies and bake away! I am thinking of baking two of my favorite recipes, and then trying out a new one that looked good. I will show you all tomorrow when I am finished with fund raising for the most part!

Loooove you


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