Sunday, March 07, 2010


Woo what a weekend! So yesterday I spent all day baking a cheesecake, toffee bars, and mint cookies for our towns annual bake off. I didn't win any ribbons, but I got third place for peoples choice for my toffee bars, which made me really happy! My mom was a big winner though! She got one first place ribbon, one second place ribbon, and two third place ribbons. Annnd, she also won best in show and won first and second in peoples choice award! I look up to my mom so much and hope I can do just as good as she does one day! < href="" target="_blank">Photobucket
Here are my "Triple Chocolate Toffee Bars" they won third place from the peoples choice award. Yay thank you everyone!

These are my famous signature mint cookies. Everyone wants the recipe, but I'm not going to give them out... yet! "Better Than Thin Mint Cookies" : )

"Don't You Want Smore Cheesecake?" It tasted soooo good if I don't say so myself! The crust was kinda tough though, so I will improve it and make it greater!

Cheesecake that is on its way to being devoured! ^_^

Finally, here is my mom and I with all our ribbons!

It was a fun bakeoff, and probably my last one for a while for I will be at college next year, but I will keep searching for great recipes to enter whenever I will be back to enter! : )



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