Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ah, almost a week!

So sorry I've been gone! I had Spring Break this past week so it was full of lazy days with friends and family. On Thursday I wanted ice cream sooo bad that I ate pistachio again! Bleeeck it was horrible, I don't know how I finished the bowl, I love ice cream too much. x0

On Friday I left for cheer state. We got to eat some fast food and shopped a little, but mostly we spent the time practicing our routine over and over. Then on Saturday, we spent all day at the cheer school watching all the other 31 teams, and we preformed a five "man" stunt group and then our dance/cheer routine. We didn't win any medals, but we did pretty good for a team that's never competed before! I'm proud of my team! ^_^

I just got back this morning and am sooo tired, but I think I am going to bake tonight, so I will post my pizza party pictures from earlier this week and whatever yummy goods I decided to create tonight.



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