Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another bakesale, oh my!

Woo just got done baking for four hours! Today my choir class were bought uniforms, but we learned we have to pay the school back. Instead of paying about 50 dollars each, we are going to have a bakesale to try and earn the money! I made 2 dozen M&M cookies, 2 dozen peanut butter cookies, and 5 dozen vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting. I hope the other girls made some good stuff too so we can make all the money we need and maybe even some extra! : )

I also baked an amazing coffee cake today! Tomorrow I am having a hang out with all my best friends. We are going to make... NACHOS! Haha nope no pizza for us this week, we are broadening our horizons and making something different. We are also going to watch some movies and finally eat some coffee cake that will hopefully make Starbucks jealous! ; )

I may take some pictures of the bakesale stuff and the party food if I'm not lazy, so stay tuned!
: P



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