Thursday, April 01, 2010

Choir bakesale pictures and last weeks movie party!

Whew sorry I've it's been a while for an update! I've been super busy keeping up with school and scholarships! I just finished one that is due this Monday, so I've been running around all week working on it to send it in on time! I'm still super busy with school/college planning, but I will try to update more even so! : )

Here are the pictures of the items I baked for the bakesale last Saturday. We made the 150 dollars for our uniforms, and were able to pocket 43 dollars extra! My friends made banana bread, regular bread, cinnamon rolls, and fry bread! We worked really hard and look great in our uniforms! Thanks to everyone who bought things and made it possible! < 3

Mini cupcakes with mint, coconut, or cherry Hershey Kisses on top.

Peanut butter cookies with Butterfingers in the middle

And finally my M&M cookies!!

Last Friday I also hung out with a bunch of friends at my house. We watched The Goonies, and then New Moon. Ahh Jacob we love when you're not wearing a shirt! I'm sure we screamed so many time, I'm so proud of all the guys who didn't leave the party, you guys are saints. X0

I made a coffee cake for the party

It was so gooey and delicious that I had it for breakfast both Saturday and Sunday!

My friend also made fudge for the party because I practically begged him for days. : P

That's the recap of last weekend, thanks for being patient with me!!



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