Monday, April 12, 2010

Bad Lizzie!

Blah what a busy week I had! I baked oatmeal cookies on Monday and then since then I've just been swamped in school work/ getting ready for college! I had some interviews and filled out half a dozen scholarship applications! 

Now, this week I am getting ready for band/choir regions! Practice, practice, practice! I am going to be away from a computer from Thursday- Sunday morning, ahh! I will try to maybe bake today or tomorrow, but since I'm trying to get ready to go I can't make any promises! Haha.

Woo only six more weeks until I graduate, huzzah for a nice long summer! ^_^

Talk to you soon!



P.S. I ate all the oatmeal cookies/ gave them away and never took a picture, whoops! I will have to bake them again so I can share them with you! : ) 

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