Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Back a champion!

I'm baccccck! 

Hey guys! I had a really nice music trip, but I'm glad to be back. We went in on Thursday and came back Sunday morning. My classmates and I entered a lot of group, duet, and solos and the whole choir and band has made it one way or another to go to music state! I'm so happy and proud of everyone!! 

I was so tired on Sunday, and really busy yesterday so I finally now was able to post, I missed blog world! x0 

Ahh I never took a picture of those oatmeal cookies, but they were soooo good! I also baked some peanut butter cookies last Wednesday before I left but ahh yeah we will leave it at that, they were not one of my finest creations. : P 

I really want to bake! Ahh it's been almost a week, eeeeek! x0 I will do it as soon as life becomes less hectic trying to end my senior year and get ready for culinary school in the fall! 

Thanks for putting up with my crazy schedule! : ) 



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