Sunday, February 14, 2010

Phew, I made a blog!

Hey everyone! I finally sat down and created a blog. I have been obsessed with food blogs for a few months, basically ever since I heard of a little movie called "Julie and Julia." All I seem to do is look up other peoples blogs and wish I had one of my own, so now I do! I will be showing off my baking, and also just talk about random tidbits in my life like being a cheerleader and trying not to eat ice cream sundaes everyday of my life! I will take pictures, talk all about myself, and just have fun overall! I would start now, but it's been a long day. First, I had to wake up at nine (nine on a SATURDAY! 'Le gasp!) ; ) Thhhen, I had to work at a garage sale when I could have been sleeping! (Did I mention nine on a SATURDAY?!) And to top it all off, my computer is trying to die on me! I backed up everything I could, but it could die on my any minute *pauses* I better save this entry and go to bed before anything bad happens! I know no one is reading this yet, but just to let you know, I love you all and the real blogging with start later today with some Valentine goodies!

~ Love,


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