Monday, February 22, 2010

Parties, Lazy Sundays, and nachos: Oh my!

Well I didn't make anything for my friend on Friday, because I was told she was on a diet! I was like shoooot, I don't want to tempt her, so I went on over and she tells me she is on a diet... on Monday! x0

We made homemade pizzas, which were one of the best pizzas I have ever tasted! It was so cheesy and good, but I burnt the pineapple one we also made, whoops! Oh well it's not like I like pineapple. XP After we ate our pizza we watched a few movies and then proceeded to eat large ice cream sundaes. Yes I do eat ice cream a lot. x0

Anywho, on Sunday my mom and I just had a lazy day around the house watching the Food Network and the Olympics while cleaning up the kitchen a bit. It was also pretty warm out, so we BBQ some chicken and made yellow rice. It was so tasty that for dinner tonight I had a whole plate of it with some great nachos as well! Yummy!

On another note, isn't this the cutest necklace ever? Hint, hint!! : )

Sorry I haven't really posted much food yet, been really busy. In about three weeks I will have a lot more time for a while, but hopefully I post anyway! ^_^



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