Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hola from the sugar queen. 0_0 Haha, anyway I had a great Valentines day. After being waken up at ten in the morning from a woodpecker (grr!) I spent most of the day watching the Food Network, and then flipping to the Winter Olympics! Woo chocolate AND figure skating, what a day! Then tonight we ate steak, which I usually don't like but it had this AMAZING sauce on it, which made it great! But the cherry on top of the nice love day, was the flourless chocolate cake we had. It was gooey, and covered in homemade whipped cream! I ate it with a giant smile on my face, and I didn't even think about taking a picture! x0 So, instead of seeing my valentine dinner, I think I will show the top ten food pictures of the past! Might as well show my past before I move on to give you all new stuff! : )

10. Photobucket
Here is some amazing fall goodies I made for a Thanksgiving bakesale.

9. Photobucket
Say 'hello' to chef Lizzie!

8. Photobucket
It's a sweet TV dinner! It's made out of cupcakes and candy!

7. Photobucket
I'm so cool, instead of a Halloween pumpkin, I had a Halloween watermelon! ; )

6. Photobucket
Frankenstein Lizzie? x0

5. Photobucket
Baking for a bakesale with my great friends M and A! : )

4. Photobucket
We serve food under pressure, while showing we're peaceful about it! XP

3. Photobucket
Gingerbread man lost his foot!

2. Photobucket
Corn on the cob, made from cupcakes and candy!

1. Photobucket
I am the ice cream queen!

Well there we go, some wonderful pictures of my food past. I can't wait to post more as soon as possible!



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