Thursday, August 12, 2010

Washington DC, Seattle, and Birthday recap!

Well we also went to Washington DC, we saw so many sights, and one of my favorite was seeing Julia Child's kitchen at the American History Museum!


After DC, we went back to Seattle and spent time with family. We had greek food together, pizza nights, went to many restaurants, and had a BBQ together! At the BBQ we had goooood pie, I'm going to have to steal it from my aunt for my future bakery. ; ) I also had lots of ice cream, haha of course!

When we finally made it home my friend threw me an ice cream party, and then on my birthday we had Thai chicken, jalapeno mac and cheese, carrots/cucumbers, pecan bars, and toasted Marshmallow shakes. We had had the shakes at a restaurants in Washington DC, and we knew we had to remake them at home!

Since then we've just been happy to be home with our family and puppies! I got so tired of restaurants, so it's nice to be making things at home! I can't wait for school in the fall and for baking/cooking in the future!

Loooove you all!


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