Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cooking and Baking class! : )

Here's a recap on my cooking class on Wednesday and my baking class on Thursday! ^_^

So on cooking class this week we did a section on chickens! We all had to make sauce, and then partway cook our chicken over the broiler and then finish it in the oven! The chef really liked mine, he said I had a good balance of colors. : )


We also made side salads with our own salad dressings. Mine was made with apple cider vinegar and olive oil!

My friend K is so cute! : )

The chef really liked her chicken plate too! *hive five!* We're getting better! : )

Then Thursday, in baking class, we made each made pastry cream, and then different cream pies, rice puddings, or creme brulees.

Vanilla, chocolate, and chocolate strawberry creme brulees!

Banana Cream pie! Yummy, so good! : )

My pumpkin pie!

I made three extra pies, and my chef liked them so much she gave them away as bribes. ; )

I will post some recipes soon!




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