Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Recap and Cute Foodie Stuff! : )

Hey guys! I haven't posted in a week because my camera has gone missing! : ( So I will recap with words! ; )

On Wednesday, we cooked chicken and zucchini three different ways. We baked the chicken covered, and uncovered in the oven, and roasted one on the grill and we sauteed, grilled, and deep fried the zucchini. I loved the grilled and friend zucchini, but I felt like my sauteed zucchini was just too salty!

In my baking class on Thursday we made different fruit pies. We made flaky and mealy pie doughs, chilled them, and then rolled them out and either baked them whole or blind baked them and then baked them with filling. My group made fresh apple pie, and other groups made peach, blueberry, and quiche! I loooved the blueberry pie the best! : )

This weekends food fun was when I checked my mail and I got a piece of paper saying my dad had gotten me a subscription to the Food Network Magazine! Thanks daddy! : ) Also, I got four boxes of Clif Bars from my mom! I love you guys!! : )

Now today in Pastry Tube Art, we pipped out eclairs and puff pastries and made whip cream. It was a fun process, but I didn't really enjoy them because of the liquor that was added to the cream! x0

Since my recap is over, let's move on to today! While searching Fredflare.com today I found even more foodie stuff I would love to own! : )

Squeee! A doughnut pillow! Super cute!

I love this recipe box, super adorable! ^_^

Hello Kitty AND candy? It's a win, win situation!

An ice cream kitchen timer will make waiting for baked goods even more fun!

Well I'm off to study for my baking midterm, and my quiz for cooking tomorrow! Love you all!!

Lizzie! ^_^

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