Saturday, October 02, 2010

I want x, y, and z... oh and extra chocolate chips! X0

Haha I LOVE working at Coldstone's! I went in today at about 11:45 and was shown around the store a little more, and at noon I was thrown into making waffle cones! I mixed up the batter and made about ten cones, when the customers starting coming in, and it didn't end! I scooped ice cream, made milkshakes and smoothies, rang up cake orders, washed out blenders, and rang up customers over and over! When I finally was able to look at the clock, it was past 5! I was having so much fun, that I didn't even notice five hours had gone by! Other people found it stressful, but I thought it was pretty fun, and exciting! I can't wait to work again!

PS. All the kids who come in are so cute, it is always almost like this though! x0


Lizzie! : )

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