Thursday, September 30, 2010

Eggs, eggs, oh and did I mention eggs? : )

Hey everyone! Woo it's been a busy, busy, busy ten days since I last posted!

First, I moved out of my old dorm room, and into a new one with a Subway in it AND an ICE CREAM VENDING MACHINE! Hecccck yeah. ; )

Then, I got a job at COLDSTONE'S! Yay! I'm surrounded by lovely ice cream a few days a week now, it's great! I have gone in a few days and I just LOVE it so far! It is fun making all those creations, and shakes/smoothies! I also love making the ice cream cakes! I don't even mind doing the dishes since I do them so much in my Culinary classes, it's like psh easy! : P

On Tuesday my morning classes were canceled but I went in anyway to help make about 230 sandwiches for an event that was going on later that day! I never want to see turkey or American cheese ever again! Haha! On Tuesday night I had another Pastry Tube art class where we pipped butter using a star tip to be used for a function that is coming up! We also learned how to make carnations, I have to sing "down up twist, down up twist!" to make them, haha no one seemed to mind though! x0

Eggs! Ahh! Haha I actually took pictures of Wednesday! We had to make eggs six different ways and show our chef! Here's my finished tray!

Haha that darn poached egg took me about five tries! I burned it the first time, and then I kept breaking the yolk when I flipped it, but I finally did it! : )

Here's my omelet in the process of being made!

After we 'mastered' the art of egg making, we moved onto breakfast foods! My group made pancakes! Plain, blueberry, chocolate, and chocolate blueberry! Yummy!

Our batter!

We had a feast of pancakes, waffles, quiche, and french toast! Oh, and of course EGGS! x0

Now today (Thursday) was my baking class! We made cookies, yum! My group made peanut butter and twiles! Other groups made two different chocolate chips, shortbreads, sugar cookies, lady fingers, macaroons, and more! I had so many cookies today, but they were all so good!

So tired now! I worked at Coldstone's and came home to do homework and am now finally done! Going to go internet around before heading to bed! See you all in Dreamland!!



PS aren't I cute in a hair net? x0


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  1. Lookin mighty cute in your chefy's Lizzie :)
    And congrats on your new job!

    P.S. had NO idea Clif bars had a pumpkin pie flavor - omg I must try.